G Suite


A G Suite account has been provided for all students. Do not share your e-mail password with anyone. We will never ask for this information from you, and please make sure that you do not respond to any e-mail that asks you to supply a password or other personal information. If you do send details by e-mail, it will cause problems for you and for the institute's e-mail service.  In case it is found that you have replied to such an e-mail, your e-mail account will be suspended.

Please check your e-mail regularly as all notices related to courses, seminars, and other activities are sent by e-mail.  


Instructions to use official Gmail account


Please follow the given below setup for G-suite.


Your Credentials are given below:


Username: @iisermohali.ac.in

One-Time-Password: ***********


The steps to activate your email account in G Suite are given below:

1. OPEN browser and then open one PRIVATE WINDOW (in Firefox) or INCOGNITO WINDOW(in google chrome)

Note: Private or Incognito window can be seen by clicking three dots(.) on the top right side of the browser.

2. Copy the following link in a private window or Incognito window:


3. Click On Email

4. Put your username and password provided above(*complete username*) 5. Then it will ask to create a strong password

6. Click on Sign-In

7. Welcome to your new mail Inbox.

If still you are being directed to your personal Gmail accounts then please first log out from your personal accounts and then execute the above steps.


For problems related to e-mail accounts, please Open a New Ticket at  CC Ticketing System




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