Comp Labs @ IISERM

IISERM Computer Centre furnish and administer E-Classroom and two teaching labs in Informatics Centre.




Garlic :        Molecular Graphics Visualization Tool Chemistry

Gcaltool:     A GNOME Calcualtor application

Genius:       General purpose calculator and mathematics tool

Kalgebra:   Math Expression Solver and Plotter

Kalzium:     Periodic Table of elements

Kmplot:      Mathematical function plotter

RRDtool:     A tool for data logging and analysis.

Step:            A interactive physics is simulator

Dia:              A diagram creation program

Dijvuilbre:  An open source implementation of DjVu

Transfig:    Graphics Converter

Xfig:            Facility for interactive Generation of figures under the X window system.


Hosted and maintained by IISER Mohali Computing Facility