Our Vision

The Vision for IISER Mohali Computation Facility is to provide state of art high performance computing facility in the region.

The Computation Facility has a mission to provide the IISER Mohali community with access to rich and relevant information resources to support their research, teaching and learning activities.


Computing Roadmap

By assessing the computing needs, new computing facilities will be developed. These will come up in the informatics centre where space has been designed to house varied types of high-performance computing units and labs. These machines will be accessible from the Informatics Centre building as well as on the campus network. On the one hand, IISER Mohali wants to become a serious regional computing facility. On the other hand, keeping in mind the overall philosophy at IISERM, facilities will be established only when there is a strong internal need.

Network Roadmap

A horizontal and vertical hierarchy of networks will be planned. in the horizontal domain, campus is divided into academic area, hostel blocks, residential blocks and rest of the campus. Vertically the network will be divided into: computing community network, academic community network, hostel network, residential network and wireless network. Wired network will be provided in most locations in the academic area. On this network, high bandwidth will be made available to special users. Hostels will have Wifi facility and students LAN facility with servers, storage etc Residences will be hooked up to the main institute network. A campus-wide Wifi will be setup for connectivity. However, this network will be an independent network.

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