The IISERM ERP System has been implemented where a complete database of students and employees of IISER Mohali are maintained and provided Online. All the students can view their Personal Profiles, Semester Grades and the Course Registration for each semester. All the faculty members can view their Personal Profiles, HR Transaction, Purchases and can perform Online grade entries for the students. All the non faculty members can view their Personal Profiles, HR Transaction and their Purchases Online.




A free source e-learning software platform "Moodle" has been installed for IISER Mohali Course Management System to provide a quality online courses. All the faculty members can post their course materials/lectures or conduct any kind of activity like quiz, chat, open discussion forum online in Moodle. All the students of IISERM have access to this service for active participation in any courses.



CC Complaints/ Requests

A ticketing system has been implemented for raising any request/complaints to Computer Center.  The teaching/non-teaching staff of IISERM are given access and encouraged to use the system . Requests raised in the CC support ticket system will be taken care by Computer Center technicians for closure.

Hosted and maintained by IISER Mohali Computing Facility