IISERM Computer Centre facilitates IISERM community in the following areas:


  • Computer related consultancies to the entire campus community.
  • Support and consultancy in planning of configurations and purchases of Computers for individual faculty.
  • Wired networking in Academic, Administration, Department Labs and Residential area of IISERM Campus.
  • Wi-Fi facility in IISERM Campus.
  • Internet connectivity in all areas of IISERM Campus.
  • Printing and Scanning facilities in computer labs.
  • In-house hardware and software maintenance.
  • Maintenance of all web services online.
  • Software installation support to faculty and students.
  • Providing network access to faculty and students.
  • Providing computing facilities to the Students who come from various academic institutes from all over the world for their Short-term courses, Project Work, Summer Training etc.
  • Maintenance of computer labs at Informatics center.
  • Maintenance of e-classroom with NKN facility.
  • Maintenance of HPC Cluster.
  • Maintenance of Computation lab in CAF used by Research Scholars.
  • Teaching aid software installations and up-gradations in Computer Labs.
  • Handling software/hardware related queries and escalations.
  • Live Webcast of IISERM programmes/events.
  • Development and hosting of Microsites.
  • Personalization and hosting of faculty websites.
  • Providing computing needs for lab session courses.
  • Requirement gathering and implementation of all modules in IISERM ERP System.
  • End user training for services offered by computer center.
  • Managing user accounts for all applications.


Regular Monitoring and Maintenance of Servers

  • LDAP Server
  • Web Servers
  • Proxy Servers
  • Network File Servers
  • Moodle Server
  • ERP Server
  • KOHA Server
  • DSpace Server

Hosted and maintained by IISER Mohali Computing Facility