Overview of Physics at IISER Mohali


The mission of the Department of Physical Sciences at IISER Mohali is to contribute to the advancement of the understanding of our physical world through basic and applied research, and engage students in the excitement in the world of physics.

Research in this Department covers incredible range, encompassing phenomena spanning length scales from attoseconds to billions of years!

The number of publications in peer reviewed publications from the department has been increasing at a steady rate, as more and more groups reach a critical number and begin to publish their research at a stable rate. A number of publications have delt with topics that excite curiosity of interested citizens and have been covered in newspapers.

The number of PhD students in the department has grown significantly in the last few years. We have gone from a total of twenty PhD students in early 2013 to more than 100 PhD and Integrated PhD students.

Members of this Department are part of national bodies. They have received significant external funding and awards from several sponsored projects from DST, DBT and CSIR. The total amount sanctioned for such projects and fellowships is in excess of Rs. 30 crore.

The Department has been pro-active in running a successful teaching program. We are always seeking bright and energetic students to further strenghten and sustain the activities of the research groups, through the BS-MS, Integrated PhD, PhD and Post-doctoral programs. Physics has remained amongst the top two choices for majors in the last five years.

We hope you enjoy this virtual walk through our Department!