About Humanities and Social Sciences Department

What is the role of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) in a science institute? The answer lies in the IISER Mohali motto: In Pursuit of Knowledge. We help situate science within the wider framework of society and bring to the fore questions of ethics and aesthetics, of history and philosophy, of poetry and politics. It is in this spirit that HSS has been an integral part of IISER Mohali right from its inception.

The emphasis at IISER Mohali is on interdisciplinary scholarship and integration of teaching and research. All BS-MS students at IISER Mohali are required to take at least 5 HSS courses. Besides, the department also offers a specialised minor in Science-Society Studies (SSS) as a part of the minor specialization in BS-MS degree. The HSS courses are well integrated into the BS-MS curriculum with the following objectives..


Dr. V. Rajesh

Associate Professor & Head of the Department

Dr. Adrene Freeda D'cruz

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anu Sabhlok


Dr. Debdulal Saha

Assistant Professor

Dr. Parth Chauhan

Associate Professor

Dr. Ritajyoti Bandyopadhyay

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sunny Kumar

Assistant Professor