Group photo taken in Dec-2022
Our lab facilities
60 MHz Benchtop NMR
HPLC with UV, PDA and ELSD detectors
Digital polarimeter
Rotary evaporators connected to a recirculating chiller and diaphragm vacuum pumps
Desiccator cabinets (with UV protectors and humidity controls)
Digital melting point apparatus
Vacuum oven                                           Ventilated chemical cabinets
Low temperature reaction set up (-80 deg)       Low temperature reaction set up (-40 deg)
-------------------While receiving the AVRA Young Scientist Award 2018 [May-2019 @ IICT Hyderabad]
--------------------While receiving the OPPI Young Scientist Award 2018 [Oct-2018 @ Mumbai]
-----------------While receiving the CRSI Bronze medal during the 22nd CRSI-NSC [Feb-2018 @ Raipur] 
---------------While receiving young scientist award from Professor C.N.R. Rao [Aug-2016 @ Chemical Frontiers Goa]
---------------------Fond memory with my thesis supervisor, Professor A. Srikrishna (1955-2013)  
------------------Fond memory with my postdoctoral supervisor, Professor Carlos F. Barbas, III (1964-2014)