Name:   Yezad Pardiwalla


Name of the supervisor:  Dr. Parth Chauhan

Research Focus : Investigations into the Prehistoric archaeology of Central India with a focus on the transition to the Middle Palaeolithic of the region. This will involve understanding the geology of Madhya Pradesh north of the Central Narmada Basin and comparing lithic assemblages from primary fieldwork with previous collections at labs and universities. The fieldwork including excavations, exploration, fossil and sediment collection in several districts of Madhya Pradesh will be complemented with a comprehensive literature review and possibly experimental work to generate hypothesis. The aim will be to arrive at arguments that help explain the behavioural shifts seen at the beginning of the Middle Palaeolithic and comparing this to evidence from across the subcontinent and The Old World during a similar time period.

Education: M.A./M.Sc (Subject), Panjab University, Chandigarh. M.Sc.  Anthropology
B.A./B.Sc (Subject), HR College of Commerce & Economics, Bombay. B.Com