Y. Prabakar Paul

Name: Y. Prabakar Paul

Email: prabakarpaul16@gmail.com

Name of the supervisor: Dr. Parth R. Chauhan

Research Focus: My research area focuses on understanding the technological development of stone tools and their functions through lithic replication and use-wear analysis. This research includes experimental lithic replication (stone tool knapping), which will give a better idea about the technique and reduction processes of tool making and finding their probable functions through comparative microscopic studies. Hence the above work will give several inputs on adaptation, behavior and subsistence patterns of the prehistoric people. This research will be supplemented by fieldwork and lab analysis.

Education: Post-Graduate Diploma in Archaeology, Archaeological Survey of India; M.A. Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Madras; B.E. Civil, Saveetha Engineering College, Anna University.

Fellowship/Scholarship: UGC Junior Research Fellow

Achievements: Qualified UGC NET for Assistant Professor in Archaeology.