Vir Pratap Singh Gautam

Name: Vir Pratap Singh Gautam


Name of the supervisor: Dr. V. Rajesh

Research Focus: My key research focus is on Educational History in Modern India. In addition, I am interested in the interplay of the Caste identities of individuals and communities in their perception towards education and its role over generations. My current research deals with the development of educational institutions for the Scheduled Castes- the role these institutions played in bringing the Scheduled Castes into the ambit of education and the subsequent changes brought out in their lives.

Education: M.Phil. (Educational History) from ZHCES, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

M.A (Sociology) from I.G.N.O.U, New Delhi

M.A (History) from University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

B.A (Hons.) from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi, New Delhi

Fellowship/Scholarship: Junior Research Fellow (UGC)

Achievements: University Gold Medal (Academics- History) for SC/ST.


Publications: Book Review: Half a Day for Caste: Education and politics in Tamil Nadu, 1954-55, Journal: Pariprekshya (ISSN: 0972-7515)