Swapnil Chaudhary

Name: Swapnil Chaudhary

Email: swapisprince@gmail.com, swapish88@hotmail.com

Name of Supervisor: Dr. V. Rajesh

Research Focus: My research areas explores the link between communalism and revival of indigenous medicine in United Province in early 20th century. This research argue that medicine, beyond being a therapeutic practice, was also closely interlinked to the predominant political and ideological concerns that emerged in twentieth century India. Apart from that my research areas include humour and satire, literary history and Right-Wing governments policies in the field of education


Master of Arts (History), Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2020

Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), MJPRU, Bareilly, 2018

Philosophy of Humour (University of Cambridge, Online Short Course)

Why Religion Matters (The Open University, England, Online Short Course)

Fellowship: NET/ NFSC UGC

Title of the Thesis Communalism and Indigenous Medicine: Study of Ayurvedic and Unani Medicine in United Province (1900-1925)