Srijay Sutar

Name: Srijay Sutar


Name of the supervisor: Prof. Anu Sabhlok

Research Focus: My research will investigate the markers of development, development schemes, and measures of development through a gender lens that is intersectional and interdisciplinary. SDGs 5 and 10, Gender Equality and Reduced Inequalities, respectively, are some specificities I wish to narrow down my research to within the development framework in India. I am also exploring the fields of queer theory and public policy in greater detail, in a way that will yield me a proposal rooted in a multidisciplinary grounding to see how socio-cultural norms, policy frameworks, and economic networks intersect to reinforce or challenge intersectional inequalities. I ultimately plan on integrating qualitative and quantitative methodologies to shape and develop my research in humanities and social sciences.

Education: BS-MS (Master’s Thesis in Humanities and Social Sciences), IISER Pune (2018-2023)

Fellowship/Scholarship: Institute Fellowship, IISER Mohali

Achievements: Best Thesis Award (HSS), Batch of 2023, IISER Pune, Thesis Title: Ambedkar, Periyar, and Feminisms in India. Supervisors: Dr Anandita Pan (IISER Bhopal) and Dr Chaitra Redkar (IISER Pune)