Shafakat Hassan Mirza

Name: Shafakat Hassan Mirza


Name of the supervisor: Dr. V. Rajesh

Research Focus: My research is on the contours of progressivism in Urdu Literature in late colonial India. In this context, my research shall pivot around the Progressive Writers Association and the leading figures associated with the movement. I shall embark to uncover the socio-politico-economic background of the movement and delve into the literary themes and production. Moreover, I shall trace the trajectory of the movement, by revealing its consumption patterns over the course of its journey. The research shall provide us with a comprehensive view of Urdu progressivism including its success and failures.

Areas of Interest: Urdu language and literature, Progressive Literary Movement, Modern Indian History

Education: M.A. in Kashmir and South Asia Studies (Jamia Millia Islamia and University of Kashmir), B.Tech (Electronics and Communication), Islamic University of Science and Technology

Fellowship/Scholarship: Institute Fellow, IISER Mohali

Achievements: UGC-NET for Assistant Professor in Political Science