Rashid Ali

Name:   Rashid Ali

Email:    ph20025@iisermohali.ac.in, rashid.mcnm@cujammu.ac.in

Name of the supervisor:  Not Assigned Yet

Research Focus : This research seeks to explore Imambadas (ritualised congregational spaces of mourning for Shia sect of Muslim community in South Asia) as mediated and communicative complexes in the production of culture, institutions, texts, meanings and identities that have soteriological and theological roots surrounding Shia rituals. The main focus of this research is to foreground the debate of Islamic Sharia and rituals of mourning surrounding Imambadas (sacred congregational spaces of Shia sect to mourn for martyrdom at Karbala). The research seeks to traverse beyond conventional soteriological mapping and establish Imambadas as cultural spheres and mediated communicative complexes of Islamic Liberation Theology.

Education: M.A. (Mass Communication), Kurukshetra University B.A.(Persian), JNU

Fellowship/Scholarship: None

Title of the thesis: Communicative Complexes of Cultural and Literary Production: Study of Imambadas in South Asia

Selected Publications: Imagined Community of Radio, 2019, Journal of South Asian Studies, Volume 7, 1, ISSN: 2307-4000 (Online), 2308-7846 (Print) https://esciencepress.net/journals/index.php/JSAS/article/view/2757/1486#.XkpC50ZMTIU

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Praxis of Performance- Review of ‘A Critical Stage’ authored by Fauzia Afzal Khan published by Biblio: A Review of Books, Volume 10, ISSN 0971-8982. https://biblio-india.org/showart.asp?inv=12&mp=Mj05

Dissecting Kashmir Some reflections on its complex dynamics- Review of ‘Kashmir: A noble tryst in tatters’ authored by Badri Raina, published in Kashmir Times. http://epaper.kashmirtimes.in/archives.aspx?date1=8/28/2017

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