Ningnung Jakoinao

Name: Ningnung Jakoinao


Name of the supervisor: Dr. Parth R. Chauhan

Research Focus: My research will explore the reconstruction of the ancient environment and ecology of a site — here, the site will conceivably be the Karewa deposits of Kashmir. The fluvial-lacustrine nature of the deposits makes it a hotspot for vertebrate fossils, which I aim to study and examine. The Plio-Pleistocene sedimentary record of these fossil-rich deposits has been reasonably well documented, but deeper probing and further research of the sediments is necessary. My research methodology will include, but not be limited to, techniques such as stable isotope analysis, GIS, taphonomic investigations, and statistics to better comprehend and visualize the material acquired in the field. Additionally, I am also interested in an ethnographic perspective, where engaging with and involving the local community to access the site’s knowledge and history will also be assessed.

Education: BS-MS Master’s Thesis in Humanities and Social Sciences – Archaeology), IISER Pune (2018–23)

Fellowship/Scholarship: National Talent Search Scheme (NTS) Scholarship