Dr. Philose Koshy

Name: Philose Koshy

Designation: Lecturer

Email: philosek@iisermohali.ac.in

Office: 4F12, Academic Block 1

Education: Ph.D. Philosophy University of Hyderabad
M.Phil Philosophy, University of Hyderabad
M.A. Philosophy, University of Calicut
B.A. Philosophy, Mahatma Gandhi University

Employment: Lecturer, IISER Mohali, 2023-Current
Visiting Faculty, IISER Mohali, 2021-2023
Visiting Faculty, IIT Kanpur, 2014-2017
Visiting Faculty, ISM Dhanbad, 2013-2014

Areas of Research: Philosophy of Science, Epistemology and Philosophy of Language

Research Focus: Broadly my research interest is in the methodological principles that underlie various knowledge systems, especially of scientific knowledge systems. My specific research interest is in confirmation of hypothesis in science, especially in Bayesian Confirmation Theory- a probabilistic attempt to capture inductive reasoning in general and scientific reasoning in particular. I am currently working to develop a new Bayesian theory of confirmation called worthy confirmation. In Epistemology, my current focus is in developing a formal definition of background information which has been left undefined in various analyses. I argue that a precise definition of background information dissolves the Gettier problem; one of the central challenges in Epistemology. Externalism and internalism debates and the analyses of explication as methodological principles are the other research topics in Epistemology, I work on. Recently I have been exploring and widening my epistemological- methodological inquiries into social-political and legal realms. The notion of evidence / confirmation is as important to Legal Epistemology as it is to Philosophy of Science. As in Philosophy of Science, my interest in Political Philosophy and Legal Epistemology pertains to exploring the nature of reasoning, arguments and the nature of validating forms.

Teaching: HSS202 Philosophy of Science 

Selected Publications: “Defining Background Information: A Solution to the Problem of Old Evidence”, Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Springer 35(2), 2018.

“A Solution to the Raven Paradox: A Redefinition of the Notion of Instance”, Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Springer 34 (1), 2017