BS-MS Science-Society Studies (SSS) Minor

The Department of HSS offers a specialised minor in Science-Society Studies (SSS) in the BS-MS programme. Students need to take any four courses from the following electives:

  • HSS304: Visual art: Studio Practice and Theory
  • HSS602: Social Theory: Concepts and Debates
  • HSS612: The Idea of Evolution: Before and After Darwin
  • HSS613: The Social History of Science in Modern India, 1780-1950
  • HSS614: Women’s History of Science
  • HSS615: Archaeology of the World: A Cultural Quest into Our Global Past
  • HSS616: Bones, Stones & Chromosomes: The Story of Our Evolution
  • HSS622: Cities: Urban Theory and Laboratory
  • HSS625: The Archaeology of Ancient Technologies
  • HSS628: Epistemology of Science
  • HSS629: Metaphysics of Science
  • HSS632: Philosophy of Rationality
  • HSS634: Themes in Infrastructure Studies
  • HSS636: Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  • HSS638: Ethnographic Research and Writing
  • HSS642: Science and Society
  • HSS646: Principles of Economics
  • HSS648: Development Economics: Theory, Policy and Practice

Faculty Coordinator for Minor in Science-Society Studies (SSS)

Dr. V. Rajesh
Associate Professor and Head
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences IISER Mohali