Curie Club, the chemistry club at IISER Mohali, run by chemistry major students, aims at inculcating scientific interest among the student community. The roots of this club go back about four years, when some of the students of the Chemistry Majors decided to meet every Saturday to discuss recent advancements in Chemistry. The club was christened as the ‘Curie Club’ as its year of formation (2011) coincided with a century since Marie Curie was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her seminal contributions to the field of radioactivity and which year was also declared as the International Year of Chemistry by IUPAC.

The club has active participation from undergraduates, graduates and faculty. The activities organized by the club are scientific talks, both by speakers within IISER and other institutions. Students are encouraged to talk about their project work, demonstrate novel experiments and disseminate their knowledge during outreach programmes, such as the KVPY camp and National Science Day. Curie club also screens Nobel lectures and documentaries, which are followed by discussions. Curie Club has also been organizing industrial visits to provide an exposure to students for the applications of Chemistry in the industry.

Every year, sometime in September, the club organizes the ‘Guess the Laureate’ contest, inviting participants to predict the Chemistry Nobel Prize winner of that year. This contest aims at increasing the awareness regarding the ground breaking research, in different fields of chemistry. The contest is open to all the IISERs, NISER, INST, IICT and IISc among other institutions.

Curie Club also celebrates a week long event called the ‘Chem Week’ during the first week of November every year, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sir CV Raman and Madam Marie Curie, both of which fall on the Nov 7. The events during the week include talks and interactive sessions by eminent scientists, activities such as descriptive writing, quiz, ‘just a minute’ (JAM), game of taboo, poster presentation, model making and sketching.

The club has been recording the videos of all the events that have been organized and these are available online on Curie Club’s YouTube channel (Curie Club IISER Mohali). The club intends to reach a large section of the scientific community through these videos and also encourage students in the pursuit of science.


Curie Club Webpage


Contact: curieclub @

Convener: Mr. Abhishek Roy (E-mail: ms17009 @

Co-convenor: Mr. Achuthan R V (E-mail: ms17034 @

Past convenors:

Ms. Shradha Sapru (2018-19)

Mr. Ajay Jeyachandran (2018-19)

Mr. Lincoln (2017-18)

Mr. Md Misbahur Rahman (2017-18)

Mr. Md Misbahur Rahman (2016-17)

Mr. Alkit Goglia (2015-16)

Ms. Satavisa Jana (2014-15)

Ms. Shweta S. (2013-14)

Mr. D. Jeiyendira Pradeep (2012-13)



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