Vision of IISER Mohali

 Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali envisions a new generation of scientists dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in  frontier areas of basic sciences. In an intellectually vibrant academic environment, IISER Mohali nurtures the basic tenets of science education and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In so doing, the institute aims to emerge as a global centre of learning, academic excellence, and innovative research.


 About the Department of Chemical Sciences

Commencement of chemistry classes at IISER Mohali on Aug 16, 2007 is a historical milestone for the Department. The first ever class at IISER Mohali was the chemistry class delivered by Prof. Ramesh Kapoor, a former faculty of the Department. The Department Chemical Sciences was established in June 2012 by the Board of Governors with the vision of the founder Director Prof. N. Sathyamurthy and we are grateful to the BoG and the founder Director.  Prof. K. S. Viswanathan served as the first Head of the Department. All the BS-MS students who join IISER Mohali, undergo training in all branches of science – (chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics) and humanities in their first two years, At the commencement of their third year, students opt for a major in one of the four branches of science. These students are taught various fundamental and advanced level chemistry courses. In their final year, these students also carry out a one-year Master’s thesis work. It is a matter of pride for us that many of these students have actually been able to obtain publications based on their Master’s research. Nine batches of BS-MS students have graduated/completed their program as of July 2020. A majority of our BS-MS graduates are enrolled in research programs in some of the finest research Institutes in aboard and India. In addition, the Department also offers PhD and Integrated-PhD programmes and about 50 PhD scholars have graduated from our Department as of July 2020. Our faculty pursue quality research in various research areas of chemical sciences. The department also accommodate a good number of summer research students every year, from other institutes and those recommended by the Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS). The students of our Department are also very vibrant and run a very active Chemistry Club ‘the Curie Club’. The Department also invites eminent scientists, which exposes the faculty and students to new areas of Chemistry. As a department, we have published more than 500 research articles, filed 15 patent applications and organized many conferences including the First Edition of CRIKC Chemistry Conference (2019). I am sure that with active participation of all the students and faculty of the Department, we are on the path to attain greater heights.

Head, DCS.


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