Application for the position of Junior Research Fellow in a MOE Stars Project

JRF for Project titled:  Lithographically Patternable Mesoscopic Oxide Electronics on surface doped SrTiO3

Project No. STARS2/2023-0998

Project Details : The project will involve fabricating nanoscale devices on oxides like SrTiO3. Standard lithographic techniques may damage these specimens hence novel nanofabrication routines need to be developed. Experiments will focus on low temperature transport phenomena like Hall effect , thermal transport,quantum oscillations of Magneto-resistance, possible superconducting states , spin- currents  and some basic optical properties. Mesoscopic Devices like Quantum point contacts , Spin injection devices and opto-electronic devices. These are broad aspects of the project the actual work may involve getting assigned to a specific set of research tasks along these lines.

Position: Junior Research Fellow (JRF) - 1

Essential Qualifications:

  • M.Sc or equivalent degree in Physics .

B.Tech or Masters in other areas like Materials science or Applied physics , Nanoscience , Electronics can apply if they have a strong background and interest in physics.

  • GATE or JEST (both in Physics) CSIR-UGC-JRF in Physics with validity for this academic year.
  • Committee may decide to put a cut-off on GATE/JEST Ranks if the application numbersare large.

Desirable Qualifications : The Candidates must be highly motivated to work in experimental areas of low temperature physics and nano-fabrication. A strong background in basic electromagnetism, quantum mechanics and basic solid-state physics is needed. A preliminary exposure to areas of mesoscopicphysics including spintronics from textbooks like S. Datta Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems Cambridge Univ press or Tero T. Heikkilä The Physics of Nanoelectronics: Transport and Fluctuation Phenomena at Low Temperatures Oxford Univ press. Candidates are encouraged to do some preliminary reading of such texts or papers in mesoscopic physics. Candidates whose basic physics are sound and demonstrating willingness to learn these subjects and willing to perform arduous hands-on experimentaltasks in the lab will be suitable to succeed in these projects.

Duration:  Maximum Duration of 3 years depending on sanction release from MOE. Candidates underperforming can be terminated at any point with a short notice. Candidates who join PhD program simultaneously may have alternate funding options in future depending on academic as well as research performance and availability of funds from various sources.

Emoluments: INR 31000 per month may get enhanced when the Funding Agency revises it.




How to apply: Candidates. Candidates who have cleared JEST physics or  Gate Physics or CSIR/UGC-JRF or INSPIRE can fill in the google form below by Dec  4th (date extended by Dec 10th). They can come to interview on 13th Dec at 9 a.m in Academic Block-1 of IISER Mohali. Interviews may extend till 14th Dec if there is a large response.

The form requires a Gmail. You can create  a Gmail in your name and still fill any other mail as preferred contact option in the form.

  • All national exams must be valid for this academic year.
  • Committee may use the ranking of students to interview only few if the turn-out of students is large. Students may be considered for this project and PhD in IISER Mohali. But committee may choose only for project or both. All credentials must be verified and approved officially for any offer.
  • Candidates can check by mailing if they have been shortlisted for interviews.

Candidates who have applied to IISER PhD Dec 23 Admissionswithout any Fellowship and do not have a call letter can also apply with application number filled in form  provided their research interest is not too far from the proposed field for this project. Fresh applicants are requested to consider the area of research seriously when applying.

Potential Applicants may Contact Dr A. Venkatesan by email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any clarifications.