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The Student Representative Council (S.R.C.) at IISER, Mohali is an elected student representation body to address all issues of the students.The SRC also participates in formal fora such as the Library Committee and the Academic Senate.It not only performs representation tasks, but also cater for student welfare, societies, entertainments and sports. So, to take care of such tasks it has a number of subordinate committees. The SRC Convener and the other representatives (such as, batch reps., hostel reps. etc.) who mainly constitute the working body of SRC, are elected by the student community here at IISER, Mohali, through the elections held every year after the beginning of the new session.

SRC Core Team

Person 1

Esha Haldar

SRC Convener

Person 2


General Secretary

Person 2

Sahil Kamboj

Academic Secretary

Person 3

Jennifer John

Cultural Secretary

Person 4

Sveekruth Pai

Sports Secretary

Activity Updates

NEW!     SRC Orientation for MS17 batch.
NEW!     India March for Science #MarchforScience. see photos
NEW!     Single rooms allotment for MS15.
NEW!     Hostel Study Rooms.