Volunteer internships for experience in the Palaeoanthropology-Archaeology lab


Target applicants: Indian students (or foreign students currently studying in India) pursuing or having recently completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in ancient history, archaeology, anthropology, or a related discipline. MPhil and PhD students and postdoctoral researchers are not eligible.


Number of available posts: 2


Time frame applicable: Anytime from mid-September to November end 2023


Learning and experience in one or more of the following subjects: Stone tool analysis, rock art image processing and analysis, lithic/fossil specimen photography and measurements, 3D scanning of lithic/fossil specimens, experimental stone tool documentation and analysis, data compilation and processing and related work. This will be supplemented with occasional informal lectures on various topics related to paleoanthropology as well as intellectual interaction with currently active lab members (PhD students). Possible brief visits may be undertaken to local field areas to understand stratigraphy, survey methods, documentation etc. The lab library will also be available for access to a wide range of literature.


Internship duration: Two weeks minimum and one month maximum for each internship post. Minimum participation of 8 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.


Note: These posts do not include any stipend or salary; they are strictly on volunteer basis. Also expenses including travel, accommodation and food expenses will have to be borne by the selected applicants. Accommodation may be provided in hostel guestroom, but only on availability and payment basis. Alternatively, selected applicants can find their own accommodation off campus. Applicants will also be responsible for their own medical expenses in case of any health issues; hence, obtaining health insurance beforehand is recommended.


To apply, please send the following four documents to:      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1) Proof of current academic enrolment or evidence of recent graduation

2) CV

3) Statement of Purpose (SoP) indicating why you want to do this internship and what you intend to learn exactly

4) One letter of recommendation from any faculty with whom you have interacted

5) Statement outlining specific medical issues (e.g. physical disability, allergies, regular medication etc.)


Application deadline: September 15, 2023


Note: The internship can be terminated at any time by the institute in case of any problematic issues resulting in the disruption the lab, negatively affecting other lab members and so forth.