Computing Facilities



The Computer center at IISER Mohali provides internet and computing facilities to students for their academic work.

A G Suite account has been provided for all students. Do not share your e-mail password with anyone. We will never ask for this information from you, and please make sure that you do not respond to any e-mail that asks you to supply a password or other personal information. If you do send details by e-mail, it will cause problems for you and for the institute's e-mail service.  In case it is found that you have replied to such an e-mail, your e-mail account will be suspended.

Please check your e-mail regularly as all notices related to courses, seminars, and other activities are sent by e-mail. For problems related to e-mail accounts, please raise a ticket at our CC Ticketing System.


The institute has a campus-wide wifi network, and you are entitled to one wifi key which can be used on one device. 

In case of any problems regarding wifi network, kindly raise a ticket at our CC Ticketing System.


Online course materials posted by the faculty members are available at IISER Mohali Moodle. Use your LDAP authentication to log in to Moodle, or you may log in using your institute google account. Please raise a ticket at our CC Ticketing System for any problems related to your Moodle account.


It would help if you familiarise yourself with the ERP system as your course registration, etc., is done using this. Access IISERM ERP System, you can view your personal profile, Fee details, Mentor details, Semester grades, and do your course registration online for each semester. ERP Login details will be mailed to you by computer center.

Please raise a ticket at our CC Ticketing System for any problems related to your ERP account.


In case of unresolved problems with services provided by the computer center, please e-mail Professor Incharge with the relevant details (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


The computing facility at IISER Mohali runs on the Linux operating system, and you are expected to become familiar with the system. There are two computer labs that you can use for your computing and internet browsing requirements. These labs are located on the first floor of the informatics building. Labs are open from 9:00 am-8:00 pm on working days and from 9:00 am-5:30 pm on Saturdays. Labs are closed on Holidays.


A printing facility is available in these labs. You may use the printing facility and computer labs if there is no class in progress.



Rules of using the computing facility for BS-MS students:


  • The lab facilities are primarily for academic work, and therefore, you are expected to restrict yourself to academic work while using the computing facilities.
  • Students are not allowed to switch off or switch on these systems. In case you spot a problem please get in touch with computer centre staff.
  • Users are not allowed to access social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc from computer labs. You may do it from your own phones or computers. 
  • Eatables are not allowed in computer labs.
  • Students are not allowed in computer labs when they have a scheduled class somewhere else.
  • Please take permission from computer center staff before using the printing facilities. 
  • Students are expected to maintain discipline in the computer labs. 
  • Lab coats are not allowed in computer labs.
  • You are expected to keep your mobile phones in silent mode.
  • Proper Decorum has to be maintained inside the computer labs.


Hosted and maintained by IISER Mohali Computing Facility